2017 GOD Egg badge Edit

The GOD Egg badge is an egg pack available for a short notice (unless VIP). To obtain these 4 rare precious eggs, complete the obby located at the center of the map (Ethan's hangout). This badge features 4 shiny chrome eggs handmade by PowerPoint 2007.

How do I get these cool eggs? Edit

Go to: Then, go to the center of the map, and complete the obby. It may take a while, but its doable.

Can I get this after Easter? Edit

Only if your a VIP (My friends). I have a Kohl's Admin add-on for Ethan's Hangout.

Trivia Edit

  • The eggs in the picture are actually eggs from GiantMilkDud's game, Tattletail RP. Its a cool game, check it out!
  • The Cromesun egg is not the GOD Egg, the God egg is obtained by finding it on the map.
  • The badge was originally made as a decoration.

    The Easter Obby

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